We solve
long-term building
safety problems.

Our comprehensive service covers everything from surveys and individual building safety tasks, to full remediation programmes and holistic solutions.

Group 168


We can undertake intrusive drone internal and external surveys. These are targeted to find the specific areas within a building that require rectification.

Group 169


Every programme of rectification work that we undertake is planned in precise detail in order to minimise disruption for all stakeholders.

Group 170


Ability to carry out BS 8414 testing. We can also carry out combustible testing of products to understand their respective combustibility of EN13501.

Group 171


Meticulous, project-specific reports are produced for each job, setting out in detail how the process will take place, and what the funding requirements are.

Group 172

and Design

Our designers will ensure that any proposed solutions meet the regulatory and potential insurance requirements, and our Estimating Team will provide cost advice throughout the development process.

Group 173


Our qualified staff and state-of-the-art Quality Management Systems give peace of mind that each project will be carried out correctly, and that an auditable trail is in place for all work undertaken.

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