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What is an EWS1 form?

It’s a form that UK Finance and RICS introduced as a way to record the risk posed by the external wall construction of residential apartment buildings, where the top floor is 18 metres or higher, or where specific concerns exist. You can download the form here.

How do I obtain an EWS1 form?

You will need to have a fully intrusive report undertaken of the external through-wall structure. This will establish if sections A1-A3 can be completed, or if a further Fire Engineer’s report is required to complete sections B1-B2.

How much do EWS1 forms cost?

The price will depend on factors like location, access restrictions, size, complexity and the number of cladding types used. Each proposal is tailored to your building’s specific requirements.

How long are EWS1 forms valid for?

Five years from the date of issue.

Can an EWS1 form be issued if an intrusive survey has already been carried out?

Possibly, but it will depend on the quality of the report’s content, and also the author’s level of Professional Indemnity insurance.

Why can’t an EWS1 form be issued without an intrusive survey?

In order to decide which rating to assign to the EWS1 form, you must first know what materials and construction methods have been used. This information will be revealed by the survey.

Who pays for the survey?

The money would usually come from the service charge fund, but this ultimately depends on what provisions are laid out in the individual lease.

If my building is less than 18 metres tall, why does my buyer/lender need an EWS1 form?

EWS1 forms may be requested “where specific concerns exist.” Lenders have quoted the mandatory building regulation B4(1), which has no height restriction. Building regulation B4(1) states:
“the external walls of the building shall adequately resist the spread of fire over the walls and from one building to another, having regard to the height, use and position of the building.”

Can FK Resolv. sign my EWS1 form?

Yes, we have the insurance and accreditation needed to sign your EWS1 form.

Why is it necessary to have an intrusive survey of the external walls?

Because very detailed information about the through-wall construction of the external walls is needed, and this can only be obtained with an intrusive survey.

Is a survey still needed if the BRE has already received samples and decided that they are not ACM?

Yes, because we need to know about the combustibility of all surface materials and insulation. We also need to know if any fire barriers are present.

If we have a façade report, does this mean the building is fully compliant?

Not if the report states that further action is required.

Can you provide colour-matched panels for the intrusive sample areas?


What is the lead time for a façade survey?

Normally between six and eight weeks from receipt of your order, although it could be longer than this if pedestrian or traffic management permits are required.

How do I know what to look out for in a remediation provider?

Look for a company with a longstanding track record in façade solutions, and that has the appropriate insurance cover.

How long does the process take?

This very much depends on the findings of the intrusive survey.

Can FK Resolv. manage the whole process for me?

Yes, our in-house team can manage the whole process.

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