Safety Problems,

FK Resolv. is a fully insured industry-leading building safety and remediation contractor that can operate in either a principle or specialist sub-contractor role. As a specialist team of problem solvers, we take facades and cladding that is non-compliant and make it safe.

We remediate
problem buildings.

FK Resolv. is the UK’s leading provider
of building safety services.

We repair
long-term defects.

Our specialist team of property problem solvers employs proven building safety solutions to tackle long-term issues.

We handle the
whole process:

FK Resolv. Process Icons_Review

We Review.

We carry out full-building assessments on a case-by-case basis, providing bespoke solutions for each project according to its own specific requirements.

FK Resolv. Process Icons_Replace

We Replace.

Our highly skilled in-house team provides a full building safety service for external wall system rectifications. Such as ACM, HPL and timber rainscreens, to cladding spandrels, cavity and fire barriers and structural issues.

FK Resolv. Process Icons_Resolve

We Resolv.

By assessing the full building, we ensure that everything is dealt with to make the building compliant.

We review

We handle everything from surveys and
individual building safety tasks, to full
remediation programmes.

FK Resolv. PServices Icons_Surveys


Intrusive drone surveys
to uncover problems.

FK Resolv. PServices Icons_Planning


Meticulous planning in order to minimise disruption.

FK Resolv. Services Icons_Testing


Ability to carry out BS
8414 testing.

FK Resolv. Services Icons_Reports


Detailed project reports covering funding requirements.

FK Resolv. Services Icons_Estimating and Design

Estimation and Design

Formal process of design, testing and cost estimation.

FK Resolv. Services Icons_Rectification works

Rectification works

Auditable work trails carried out by qualified staff.

Restore your
peace of mind.

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insurance requirements
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We have all the skills
required to meet building
safety standards.

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